The Only Requirement Is That You Read It Seriously.

My first-ever nude study. In two minutes. And left-handed too!
My first-ever nude study. In two minutes. And left-handed too!

That is my only request. That you read it seriously.

I have written enough. I have written a lot.

You have showered me with your blessings. You have supported me all along. You have encouraged me, inspired me.

I know you’re going to read it seriously.

Because I won’t write too much. I won’t make my blogs long again.

Because I know you don’t have much time. And because I know I don’t have much time.

I am therefore going to make it short.

Very short.


I started taking an art class. I’ve always wanted to do it but never found the time.

The three-hour-long, once-a-week evening class made me happy.

Last week — the penultimate week — we started drawing figures using a live nude model.

The experience was phenomenal for so many reasons.

What are the reasons?

Can you tell?

Please tell.


Gray scale in real life. Art happens every day. Just look for it. It's awesome.
Gray scale in real life. Art happens every day.

I am not going to make it long for you.

If I can do it, you can do it too.

Never underestimate your abilities.

Never hurt yourself.

Do not criticize yourself harshly all the time.

You have done enough in one life.

Feel happy.

Reward yourself.

Go out and make friends.

Don’t brood.

Don’t Facebook all the time.


My first live portrait. Not perfect? Who cares? I am very happy I did it...on my first try.
My first live portrait. Not perfect? Who cares? I am very happy I did it…on my first try.

I am going to make it very short.

Do what makes you happy.

Find time to do what makes you happy.

You shall be happy.


Post Script. — I did a second nude study on the final day of my first art class. Observing a nude, woman model up close and sketching her many times over a three-hour working period was quite a remarkable experience. Actually, remarkable is an understatement considering I came from a conservative Hindu family. Well, at least, I came from Calcutta — the epicenter of art and culture in that otherwise feudal country we know as India. Anyway…just wanted to share two figure drawings with you.

Two remarkable, five-minute experiences. Ask me any questions.
Two memorable, five-minute artistic experiences.


  1. I started reading your blog very recently. Though I am a techie, I was never so keen for FB,Orkut,Twiitter,Blogs.
    I must acknowledge that I love to read your blog now !
    Every feeling you express comes out of the very core of your heart, every sentence you write is so clean and appropriately taken care of.
    You are the reason probably to make me “Blog Happy”
    Thank you very much.

  2. You continue to amaze me. I love this blog and you are so right about FB. I quit it temporarily again and have more time to live in real time and focus on being me again. Your art work is terrific and much like your music, genuinely you.

    • Thank you so much, Betsy for your kind comments. I left Facebook and I have so much free and stress-less time with me. I will write more about this mindfulness-happiness subject. I hope you write more and let us all know what makes you feel good — the specifics. I’d much appreciate it.

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