November Elections: Hope My Ominous Predictions are Wrong!

no_we_refuse_to_accept_fascist_americaNext week, America will decide whether or not this country will go down on a permanent path to fascism, violence, and white supremacy.

Just before Donald Trump became the president in November 2016, I had written in a leading Indian daily newspaper, predicting a Hillary Clinton win. I was wrong. I was influenced by New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, and such enormous media, and their relentless forecasts.

When I look back on it, I see a glaring lack of communication with the commoners. Conversations at restaurants, pubs and labor unions actually brimmed with an overwhelming support for Trump. The picture remains the same as the November  election approaches. More or less.

I live in New York, which is supposed be a fort for liberals and Democrats. If this is the scenario here, we can imagine the picture elsewhere. I have often pondered over the question as to how union workers could support Trump and his cronies who want to destroy unions in the first place. It’s beyond me!

On November 6, Americans will vote for the Congress. They will elect 435 House representatives and thirty-five senators. The Democrats at present are minority in both chambers of Congress.  And, they hope win the election by a substantial margin, capture the Congress, and thereby impeach Trump for his numerous heinous and illegal acts — the Nixon and Watergate way.

My gut feeling is that Democrats might win the election by a few seats. But it won’t be enough for a substantial majority. There will be no Democratic landslide at all.

Fascism and dictatorship are getting a lot of steam in America of late — like they are getting it in countries like India, Russia, and Brazil.  Here in USA, it’s become ugly and horrendous. Just a few days ago, a white supremacist shot dead eleven innocent Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Another white supremacist killed two innocent black people in a Kentucky supermarket. Another such person targeted anti-Trump Democratic leaders like Hillary and Obama by mailing pipe bombs: his truck sported Trump stickers all over.

Regular attacks on journalists have become a part and parcel of life now. Trump separated immigrant children from their parents, and put them in cages. Just two days ago, he declared he would abolish birthright citizenship — a U.S. constitutional mainstay for over a century. Fascists are trying to scrap the legal framework altogether — everywhere.

Yet, protests are on. Problem is, apart from Bernie Sanders, no leader in the Democratic Party is capable of bringing everybody together. Sanders, however, isn’t supported by Bill and Hillary Clinton-dictated mainstream Democrats. New York Times and CNN don’t want him to get mass support either. We have seen how they have destroyed the Sanders campaign in 2016.

Given the scenario, I doubt whether there will at all be a strong surge of of educated and liberal Americans on the ballot box next Tuesday.

Yet, I am hoping against hope that people of America will prove me wrong again. I want my so-called prophecy to fail.
Written by: Partha Banerjee, Brooklyn, New York
Translated by: Samya Brata Roy, Calcutta, India


Picture from San Diego Free Press. For non-profit, educational use.

Homegrown Terrorism in America

Cesar SayocThe bomb suspect’s van was plastered with Trump stickers.

FBI got this man Cesar Sayoc for his suspected role in the bomb plot across the U.S. According to FBI, Cesar mailed explosives to a number of Democratic leaders including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as media.

Trump admitted his Republican Party is in trouble because of this scandal — contrary to what his far right politicians, think tanks, and media tried to cook up. Far right wanted to portray it as a left wing conspiracy just on the eve of November elections.

But who is responsible for such unprecedented violence and hate?

A large caravan of migrants — men, women, and children — are traveling from Honduras through Mexico, to reach the U.S. borders. Trump sent border security forces to control the massive migration.

Trump praised a Republican politician who body slammed and hurt a journalist from The Guardian.

White supremacist and neo-Nazi groups are openly throwing violent threats.

Unbelievable as they may sound, this is all happening right in front of our eyes, here in America. A nation of millions of peace-loving, sane, hard working people — of all races, colors, religions and lifestyles — is turning upside down.

I have lived in the U.S. for thirty three years, first as a foreign student with little knowledge about the country, and then as an activist, educator, writer and political analyst for nearly twenty five years — with lots of knowledge and insight about America.

I have never seen such a massive turmoil. The country is truly falling apart.

Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, has very quickly destroyed the social, economic, and political fabric of this country. Through his 24/7 hateful, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-poor violent lies and rhetoric, he has encouraged the forces of bigotry, racism and misogyny, and turned them loose.

He has encouraged those evil forces all over the world, including India. He has energized them. Hate groups have rapidly increased in number, in just a couple of years.

This man who sent explosives to Democratic politicians and media organizations is the newest, scariest result of this homegrown terrorism.

I hope and pray that the America I have known in my three decades here — the sane, educated, open-minded American people who believe in inclusion, fraternity, diversity, tolerance and peace — wakes up, and stops this homegrown terror.

God help us understand the gravity of the situation, and act upon it.


Partha Banerjee

Long Island, New York