Our Children Will Live on Boats

People will live on boats. Very soon. And no such rescue would be necessary.

The only tropical rain forests and pristine nature in the Indian subcontinent are under an unprecedented, catastrophic flood. Most people still do not understand the gravity of the situation: massive man-made climate change, combined with out of control capitalism.

As I said many times, it’s profit before people. This American model that India adopted is great evil: it’s destroying America, and it’s destroying India.

Indian rulers are greedy, corrupt, fanatic, bigots, and have no regard for science. Just the same way Christian fanatics called the Connecticut and Florida school children killed by gun violence sinners, Hindu fanatics in India are calling the Kerala flood victims sinners and beef eaters. It’s not only ridiculous. It’s also cruel.

India’s BJP government also refused to receive foreign aids, adding more suffering to the marooned and hapless people. Their supporters are busy on social media, ridiculing the “Muslims, Christians, and communists of Kerala.”

Weather: Monsoon rain causes flood in Kerala
Of course, thanks to big media and corporate politicians, even today, cricket and Bollywood and such money-driven games are top news. One billion helpless people’s lives are at the brink of extinction. Those who are exposing the truth, and criticizing the greed and profit-only system — the people in power are trashing them.

Prediction is, in one generation, climate catastrophe will practically submerge Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bombay, Goa, Andhra, Orissa, West Bengal, and Bangladesh.

Read this World Economic Forum article: Why India is Most at Risk from Climate Change.

Our children will live on boats, fighting for food and water.

Kerala flood 2018 India Today


Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York


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Bern, Hill, and a Brooklyn Young Man

[This is actually PART TWO of my promised three-part article on Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton. You can read PART ONE here.]

Strange title, ain’t it? 

Sure. But let me explain, quickly. I know you are busy.

Macedonia immigrants

NO, this picture is not from Brooklyn, and these are not New York residents. This is a recent photo from Macedonia, where poor and destitute immigrants turned violent, and started breaking train windows, in extreme frustration.

Our present story is not about them.

This is about Bernie, Hillary, and a young black man banging his fist hard on a Brooklyn subway car window. I was present there. It is real life. Nothing made up. Swear to God.

A Brooklyn train got stuck on the underground track, as they often do, and was held up for nearly two hours on its way between Court Square in Queens and Church Avenue in Brooklyn. It is the one of the slowest and dirtiest commuter trains New York City has. It is the G train. I wrote about it before.


After going through this here-we-go-again and here-we-stop-again routine for nearly an hour, a group of high school kids — all African-American — became restless, and one young man sitting next to the window started to bang hard on the window. He used some profanity too, doing it. Like, F*** man…F*** ’em…or something like that. I didn’t record it. But he was very angry, and so were his three or four buddies.

They were angry, and some of them were laughing too. In frustration, I guess. What could they do? The train was stuck between two stations, and nobody could get out.

I was watching them. I was also frustrated and angry that I was stuck in the train, and that this has almost become a monthly ritual for us the Queens-to-Brooklyn subway commuters. Every now and then, a train would get stuck because of some malfunction somewhere, and it would take us an inordinate amount of time to get to work, or home.

On top of it, I wanted to pee. My bladders were about to explode. And a small girl sitting next to me on her mom’s lap suddenly began to cry loudly. God, I said, please…

I was hungry and thirsty too. I was coming back home after a long day’s work, and I had no food or water with me. My stomach was growling. I have a little pre-ulcer too, my doctor says. It’s not good for me to stay without food or water for a long time.


So, a series of questions came to my mind, and if I had a way, I would ask the African-American kids those questions. But because I could not do it, and even if I did, they probably would not be willing or ready to answer them. So, I thought, I’d rather post the questions on my blog, hoping somebody else could take a stab at them.

I thought, before the NY primaries on April 19, maybe Hillary or Bernie could do it.

Rusted bridgeSo, here is a few questions, and their follow-up questions. I’m also posing some possible answers, just to make the reasoning thread realistic. 

Scenario: A group of young African-American men on the G train between Queens and Brooklyn got angry and frustrated that the train was held up for a very long time, and started banging on the subway car window.

Q. 1. — Why was the train stuck for such a long time?

A. — They announced that there was some electrical malfunction at Bergen Street.

Downward arrow

Q. 2. — Is it an uncommon or rare experience?

A. — No, quite contrary. It’s become a common experience these years. Happens every now and then.

Downward arrow

Q. 3. — Do these incidents happen on subway lines in Manhattan, especially trains that go through business and affluent areas?

A. — Yes, they do, but I guess, less frequently.

Downward arrow

Q. 4. — Why do they happen more frequently with trains that run through Queens or Brooklyn or the Bronx?

A. — Because the people who are in charge care less about people who live or work in these areas.

Downward arrow

Q. 5. — Why did it take so long to fix the problem? Two hours? That’s way too long!

A. — Duh, see above. Had it happened on a train near Wall Street, they would perhaps try to fix it quicker. They know the importance of that area.

Downward arrow

Q. 6. — Do you believe in general, though, regardless of the area in New York, public transportation is not in a great shape?

A. — Are you kiddin’ me? Do you live here, or you’re from Mars? The entire subway system is falling apart. Buses, trains, or the Staten Island free steamer…bridges…roads…flyovers…parks…potholes…public schools…they are in bad shape. No money, no money there.

Downward arrow

Q. 7. — Why do you think there is no money for these important areas that serve millions of ordinary, working men and women?

A. — Because they’re moving more money out of the public sector, and draining the public infrastructure. There is no lack of money for private schools or private hospitals, or private corporations and banks that got billions of dollars from our government. But there is no money for stuff that’s critical for the ordinary folks.

And, on top of all, they are not paying their taxes, either.

Downward arrow

Q. 8. — Who are “They?”

A. — They means the people at the top (the one percent) — the rich and famous politicians, corporations, their establishments, think tanks, and their media such as the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes…you name it.

There is enormous, obscene, historic inequality in America. The richest of the rich are making and accumulating more wealth than ever before in American history. And they are not paying their fair share of taxes. GE, Apple, Boeing, Exxon, Gap, Pfizer…you name it.

Downward arrow

Q. 9. — What are they doing?

A. — You know what, you’re asking a lot dumb questions, man. Okay, this is the last time I answer your dumb questions. I’ve been patient.

Downward arrow

Q. 10. — Sorry, but please say something. Promise I won’t bother you anymore.

A. — Appreciate it. I have stuff to do. What they’re doing is that they’re making this country more deregulated, more privatized, free of any government control. In fact, they are making sure there is NO government. They have their think tanks, their media, and their politicians who tell us we don’t need the government at all. America is all about private enterprise, and they call it “freedom.” It all started since Reagan in the eighties. Have you ever heard of “Reaganomics,” or “Trickle-down Economics?”

Downward arrow

Q. 11. — Who do you think is the biggest supporter of this system — Bernie, or Hillary?

[The intelligent, articulate person who was patiently answering my questions had left. I guess I tested his patience too much.]

I guess, it’s up to us to find out who is the biggest supporter of this system that has ruled our lives here in America, and here in Brooklyn, NY — since Reagan.

Is it Hillary Clinton, or is it Bernie Sanders? Who takes what kind of position — on the above series of issues?

Inequality, taxes or no taxes, trickle-down economics, destruction of the government, destruction of the public infrastructure…

Let’s find out who has done what — for us the ordinary people. The 99 percent.


Post Script. — About the Macedonia immigrants’ photo above, what is happening with these poor immigrants across the globe? Why are these people leaving their countries, and fleeing to another country? What’s happening with them here in America? What position did Bill Clinton, Hillary, or Bernie take on the terrible immigrant scenario?

Let’s find out. It’s kind of important before the New York primaries on April 19.


Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York

BLM Hillary


My Birthday, My Reasons to Live — the Foreword

This is Me.
This is Me.

I like my birthday. I like it a lot. April 25 has always been a happy day. In rain and in shine, on this day I’ve found reasons to celebrate my life.

On this day, over all these years — first in India and then in USA — I’ve rekindled the spirit to live. I’ve renewed the hope and positivity and peace to live — for myself, my family and my society. I’ve turned around and believed that I can live and celebrate my life — together with you.

In fact, I’ve increasingly believed that my reasons to celebrate life is meaningless without you. Would you please let me have a moment to explain?

My birthday has always reminded me that there is a reason to believe that I belong — for myself and for the others. In spite of all the negativity, media lies, arrogance of politicians, profiteering and behindthedoor dealing and stealing, fake reporting fear mongering brainwashing, flesh dancing, synchronized jump-laughing, war bombing violence terrorism hate crimes police brutality racism sexism explicit or subtle putting down trashing undermining and excluding, history obliterating and overglossing, corruption of crooks and corporations, feeling of unmistakable letdown and cheating by the people in power, and the final, absolute distrust in this trickle-down USA and India-variety economic and political system they call democracy where me as a hardworking, honest, helpful and humane person or others like me have no way to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots the powerless and the powerful the rich and the poor the flourishing and the frustrated and the plentiful and the painful — however hard I try to bridge the gap or imagine to bridge the gap in one whole life I only get thrown at an insurmountable stone wall and hit hard and bleed — I STILL find reasons to believe that whatever I have learned, experienced and used in my life by myself, through my parents and elders and teachers and friends and mentors and neighbors and co-pedestrians, and together with you, it has NEVER been a waste of my life, my time, my money, education, energy, and desire to do better decently.

Sure, Sir! Affirmative, Sir!

And if you have managed to read through the volume of voluntarily convoluted verbosity above, you will have known that what I write is actually verve — for myself and for you. In fact, if you read it twice, you’ll know it is a powerful message for me and for you — i.e., our class of men and women all around the world.

And if you dare to read it the third time, you shall know that I still believe that life has a special meaning for me and you — i.e., our class of men and women all around the world. Well, I might say, it could even sound like music. Soft, subtle, almost silent music. The way life, love or dream is supposed to be.

This life talks about a global society of people who care for each other. This life talks about a global economic system that espouses equality, equal rights and equal respect. Moreover, this life talks about a truly modern, scientific, futuristic system that abolishes war, violence, division, corruption and lies — once and for all. It talks about how to usher in prosperity and peace and poetry — the true, altruistic kind — beyond the sham, undemocratic, pro-1 percent system.

Well…that was the Foreword. I hope you return to read the Frontal Word — the body of this talk — and share our common feelings together.

I do hope you do.

Now, smile 🙂

Happily Writing,


Brooklyn, New York


Me. For You.
This is Me. For You.

Questions Media Won’t Ask Romney and Ryan

Yeah Baby!

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I came up with a list of questions that I think media — big media, corporate media, multinational media, mentor media — should ask Romney and Ryan. But I have a feeling they won’t do it.

So, I guess the onus is on us. Let’s do it ourselves.

(Update on September 18: Especially after today’s breaking news that progressive publication Mother Jones exposed Romney’s gravely disparaging comments that 47% Americans love to live on government entitlements and don’t pay any taxes, mainstream media such as New York Times are jumping all over it, and conveniently ignoring many other issues. Hence, it’s even more important to address these issues now. The political debate is getting shifted from economy to race, etc., and while race is extremely important, this election should be primarily about the economy and the 1%. We must not let vested interests to shift the debate from the economy.)

American media’s coverage of the Republican National Convention was as usual shallow, superficial and sentimental. Just like the previous conventions I’ve seen since Reagan, corporate media didn’t provide any serious analysis on any serious subjects. Its big-name journalists and experts did not show any critical thinking at all. It was all glossing over, spinning, twisting and distorting.

Question: Why is it always that way? Answer: Either they are stupid or they’re not doing their job on purpose. I think it’s the latter because these otherwise well-dressed and articulate (and definitely well-paid) people and their [very well-paid] bosses do not want to lose their tons of ad dollars and traditional viewers that might switch channels once real debates, controversies or unpopular, unpleasant narratives are brought in. It’s like, if someone on TV presents serious research data that among ALL the developed countries, USA has the highest income inequality and also highest social and health problems because of the grotesque divide (these are all facts — look it up here), most people would not like to hear it. They have been brainwashed for decades. They would switch channels.

It’s pathetic to see how American media have totally degenerated especially since Reagan. There is no hard-hitting journalism at all! There is no real analysis that matters to real people and their real lives. The whole RNC 24/7 coverage was, just like before, done almost in a vacuum — as if, it was a fantasy world out there! I have a feeling the Democratic convention will be this way too.

I also have a feeling we’ll see another pathetic repeat of the above when time comes for the so-called presidential debate with similar hoopla and meaningless moderation. I have a feeling it’s going to be another exercise of naiveté, glossing over, window dressing and scratching the surface — with exclusion of critically important issues.

The Real Puppet Master? Is that you, Karl?

Maybe, Karl Rove and Koch Brothers, among others, are watching over these media establishments. That’s why they’re so afraid to ask the right questions!

However, if I were one of these big-name media personalities with big privilege to work with these politicians, I’d ask them some straight-shoot questions. But because I do not have that privilege and I have no other power than writing them down in this blog for my friends, readers and sympathizers — now surprisingly from many near and far corners of the world — I’m writing them down here. My hope is that you find these questions worthy of asking; and in case you are one of those privileged journalists with access to these big-name politicians, please see if you can ask some of these questions — and get some meaningful answers that everybody can understand.

So, without further ado, here’s my short wish list. I know, Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan, you are extremely important and busy. Therefore, I’ll only ask you about a handful of topics. I’ll save the others for later.

Mr. Romney, Mr. Ryan, either of you can answer them. Considering you are planning to be commanders in charge of not just America, but de facto of the world, consider people like me all over the world are eagerly waiting for your honest, thoughtful and straightforward answers. Don’t haze it. Don’t faze it.

Thank you for your time, Honorable Sirs.

This is Reaganomics. It never worked for us. It never will.

Question 1. Trickle-down economic policies have failed us the middle majority, working people. Giving tons of money and power to the rich at the top of the pyramid didn’t work. It has caused enormous income inequality, and the middle class has suffered greatly. What is your plan to change the course of our economic policy and actions?

Question 2. You propose more tax cuts for the rich — individuals and corporations. And, in fact, richest corporations now Supreme Court-validated as individuals — such as General Electric — do not pay any taxes. Don’t you think it’s unfair that we the ordinary, low-income people are paying about 33% federal income taxes (some say, to pay back to Federal Reserve which is a private, all-powerful entity that nobody really knows); yet, the richest corporations are not paying any taxes? For that matter, you said you paid only 15% income taxes yourself. Isn’t that outrageous discrimination against us who make so little?

Question 3. You propose cutting taxes for the very wealthy such as Koch Brothers, the Bush family, Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch; yet at the same time, you want us to believe you’re going to reduce the enormous debt Bush govt. left for us and our children (thanks to the wars, tax cuts for the rich and bank bailouts). You also want us to believe that your no-taxes-for-the-rich economic policies will spur growth. Don’t you think by default it’s impossible to do both at the same time?

Question 4. Bush-Cheney’s brutal genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan has destroyed world peace, bled American taxpayers (i.e., us) to death, caused a catastrophic budget deficit, and tarnished the American image (whatever was left) worldwide. Now you’re drum beating another war as soon as you come to power — perhaps against Iran (or is it Syria?). How do you think that would promote either peace or economic prosperity — two things you frequently talk about?

Gandhi and Tagore taught us exactly that: to stand tall and protest.

Question 5. Rachel Corrie, a young American woman, in 2003 stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer to protest against Israeli government’s demolition of houses of Palestinian civilians. The bulldozer crushed her to death. You blasted Chinese government’s human rights violation when its tanks threatened to kill Chinese protesters at Tienanmen Square a few years ago. Do you think you can show the same resolution to protest against the action of the Israeli government when they killed Rachel Corrie?

Question 6. At the RNC in Tampa, you and your party’s top leaders such as Chris Christie have championed the cause of the American workers and families who are going through a horrendous time because of high unemployment that some compares with the situation during the Great Depression. Especially younger people, according to some research, have 30 percent joblessness, which is a record in American history. The economic situation our young people are in is simply horrible — check these facts. Are you going to create new jobs within America by supporting traditional job bases such as manufacturing and construction, and stop U.S. corporations’ massive outsourcing of these jobs to China, India and other countries? Are you going to take on Wal-Mart or Apple and their massive outsourcing?

Question 7. Multinational, U.S.-based companies such as Monsanto, Union Carbide, Coca Cola, Chevron and Disney (among many

2000-2012: Monsanto caused largest in human history farmer suicides in India!

others) have caused havoc in many other countries because of their ways of doing business. For example, over the past decade, 200,000 Indian farmers (yes, you’ve heard it right!) have committed suicide — the largest in human history — because of Monsanto’s permanent seed replacement with their own genetically engineered products and false promises of crop yield. Union Carbide’s infamous toxic gas leak in Bhopal in 1984 had killed thousand of poor workers and their families; women who suffered are still delivering crippled babies. Are you going to bring these companies to justice and compensate the victims for the disasters they went through?

Question 8. It seems both of you and your colleagues such as Chris Christie, Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal — and of course, Scott Walker — have fiercely anti-labor-union position. Can you please tell us if you’re in power, are you going to destroy organized labor once and for all? Are you going to take away their non-violent weapons such as collective bargaining?

Question 9. Are you going to overturn Roe vs. Wade and bring American women back to the coat-hanger alley days, with help from a partisan Supreme Court?

Question 10. Are you going to follow the dictates of your party’s “mainstream voice” Tea Party and abolish the separation between the church and state? Are you going to mandate Biblical prayers in U.S. public schools?

Question 11. Are you going to destroy Social Security and Medicare? Yes or no?

Question 12. Have you ever visited an agricultural or industrial farm in California, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida or Texas where owners work immigrant workers like slaves in a toxic situation — with zero human rights? Many of them die of cancer, tuberculosis and such diseases — because of their inhumane work conditions. Do you see any difference between their condition and that of the black workers and their families in a cotton plantation during the Jim Crow days?

Again, thank you for your time and honest, thoughtful, straightforward answers.

Sincerely Writing,


Brooklyn, New York


Women fought for generations, and are still fighting, for their rights.