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अमेरिका का असली चेहरा – जिसे कोई नहीं जानता

Source: BlackEnterprise.com जातिवाद, ईशनिंदा और रंगभेद- जिन्हे भारत के निवासियों ने भी बड़ी जल्दी अपना लिया है

That Hate Killing in Kansas

Wow!! I never realized the extent of hate, ignorance and illiteracy in this "best country in the world" until I posted that NYT article on...

Hillary Clinton Lost to Trump…Simply Because of Hillary Clinton

This is the last and final segment of my three-part article "How New York Times Handed the Election Over to Trump." _______________ Map: USA Today. Map...

Haider Rizvi, My Pakistani Brother

Haider Rizvi, a friend from Pakistan, suddenly passed away. He was visiting his family in Lahore. I knew Haider since our student days at Columbia University's...

Ferguson Is Not An Isolated Incident

I originally wrote this article for Ananda Bazar Patrika, Calcutta's leading daily newspaper. You can read the published Bengali oped here. In 1964, America passed...

Ferguson, Ebola, and Such Bad Blacks

I feel for the poor, vulnerable and disempowered -- blacks, whites or browns, Americans, Indians or Africans. Sometimes I write with a subdued anger and use twisted language, to drive home my point. I hope you read my other articles too. Thank you.