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Let’s Talk India’s Independence Day!

August 15, 2019 is India's 72nd Independence Day. This is also the day when the British forces partitioned the country in three pieces, causing massive trauma and bloodshed. Now, fascist and fanatics forces have won elections and taken the country over. They are destroying democracy and diversity of a once-peaceful land.

India Election Results — Fascists and Fanatics are Back in Power.

Hindu fanatics with their political party BJP won a landslide victory in Indian elections today. For secular, progressive and modern-thinking people, it is a dark day. But we must understand the reasons why they won. And we must understand our God-given role to play in the coming years, regardless of the election results.

A Day After the 2019 India Polls

Dr. Partha Banerjee from New York predicts ominous predictions about the upcoming 2019 national elections in India. Climate change, war, violence, terrorism, skyrocketed prices of health, education, transportation, medicines, and slashing of interests on people's savings would make life miserable. Democracy will be killed once and for all. He wishes his predictions are all wrong. But...are they?

General Knowledge India — 2-minute Lesson on BJP and RSS.

(1) Who is Prime Minister Modi? He is BJP and RSS. (2) What is BJP?

Fascism Is Coming This Way :-(

-1- FASCISM is coming to India (RSS-BJP-Shiv Sena). And fascism is coming to America (Tea Party-Americans For Prosperity-Koch Brothers). Not only because of fascists. It's...