Labor Day Parade — An Inspiration

Labor Day Parade 2018

This Saturday, at the Labor Day parade, corporate media did their no-show, again!

But, regardless of the blatant Journalism of Exclusion, I had my reasons to celebrate. I realized the value of the work I’ve done for so many years here in America. It came back to me one more time that I may have lost a lot leaving India. But I have gained enormous knowledge and analysis that was impossible for a very ordinary man like me, with no opportunity to see the world.

Yes, it was unthinkable back then that I would spend more than half of my life in USA.

Saturday, I went to march along with at least 25,000 union workers and their families and loved ones in New York. This is my personal estimate, and I could be totally undercounting the massive parade.

With their warm, genuine smiles and handshaking, my students who are also my union brothers and sisters rekindled my hope that the political education we’re sharing with one another for so many years has made an impact.

Sure, we still have differences in the ways we talk about solutions to this unthinkable mess: I believe in democratic, nonviolent socialism, and many of them believe in status-quo Democratic politics. But we all understand the gravity of the situation — in areas of climate change, food and health care crisis, immigration and human rights scenarios, women’s rights, education, race and economic inequality. We all understand that America is teetering on the brink of fascism.

Yesterday, I saw light in the eyes of my fellow foot soldiers.

And I shall support new, honest, progressive political candidates — away from the DNC status quo. I hope you do, too.

On September 13, 2018, New York Democrats will vote in the primaries. I shall vote for candidates who promise me peace, tolerance, harmony, democracy, socialism, equality, health care, affordable education, and a clean, cooler, saner, humane climate.

I invite all my union brothers and sisters to think hard about their future. And the future of their children.


Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York


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A Clarion Call to Brothers and Sisters

“If My Thought Dreams Could be Seen
They’d probably put my head in a guillotine” — Bob Dylan, “It’s All Right Ma”, 1965.

Bernie Ocasio Fox
Look at the picture here. This is Fox news. What does it say, and how does it say it?

The way fascist Republicans and Clinton-Lieberman-DNC Democrats have targeted new, young, elected leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is unbelievable! And even though CNN aired the interview with her (click on the link above), in general, corporate media is blasting the Bernie Sanders line of humanism, and without any objective analysis, making Democratic Socialism synonymous with communism.

And U.S. people are falling for that, because to them, anything remotely connected to socialism is “Godless communism.” For decades, since the Era of McCarthyism, American powers and media have successfully made the concept of equality, peace and justice an evil. They have cut off the global knowledge base, and made Americans blind and deaf about what’s going on across the civilized world.

So, what are leaders like Sanders and Alexandria talking about that’s so loathsome and repulsive to some working-class Americans?

(1) That unlike the rest of the developed, capitalist world, USA has an out-of-control wealth and income disparity, and we need to narrow the gap, to make the middle class stronger.

(2) Unlike the rest of the developed, capitalist world, American people pay an obnoxious, outrageous amount of money for health care and education, and we must make them affordable, because health care and education are rights and not privileges.

(3) Unlike the rest of the developed, capitalist world, American corporations have caused havoc to the environment, and we must clamp down on them — fossil fuel corporations in particular — to save the earth from destruction.

(4) Unlike the rest of the developed, capitalist world, USA’s three topmost industries are arms (and gun) industry, drug industry, and sex industry, along with the prison industry, and we must move away from these industries, to bring peace and sanity to ourselves and our children.

Democratic Socialism is not communism. And Fox and other such media are purposefully scaring the American people. Reject their fear mongering and lies.

I have worked for many years, intensely, first with the right wing and then with the left wing. After almost fifty years of activism in the two biggest democratic countries in the world, I am convinced that unless we work together — making a serious effort to bring the 99% together — on a common platform of equality, peace, social justice, environmental justice, and affordable education and health care for all, we can’t save the world from the clutches of neoliberal corporate pushers and Trump-Modi-type fascists.

Americans with intelligence and political acumen must wake up now, and seize the new opportunity, recognizing the groundswell. Stop fascists and neoliberal corporate politicians from destroying this nonviolent revolution that’s sweeping across America.

Intelligent and progressive people in India can follow this new, surging young America, if they want. It’s your call.

Partha Banerjee
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Long Island, New York
August 11, 2018.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Nonviolent Revolution in America

Photo courtesy Cultura Colectiva

A nonviolent, grassroots revolution is happening across America. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old woman from the Bronx, New York City is one of the frontline leaders of this revolution.

Corporate Democrats are fuming in anger.

If you follow media stories, you’ll find out quickly how angry they are. Either they are subtly expressing their disapproval — read today’s New York Times article here. They are busy to prove how “leftist” these leaders are.

Or, the other side — the Trump-variety far right-wing side — is doing their best to help their establishment Democratic buddies to bring this courageous, people’s revolution down. Read today Fox TV story here.

Or, worst, known corporate politicians such as Joe Lieberman, who won his last senate election first by losing against his Democratic opponent in the primaries, and then managing to win as an “independent” going to bed with Republicans (he went to bed with Republicans many times before) — is openly endorsing Joseph Crowley, the ten-time well-known congressman whom Alexandria defeated in the primaries. Joe Lieberman is sabotaging his own party, and Clinton Democrats are not too unhappy about it. Follow the Lieberman sabotage story here. He is endorsing Crowley over Ocasio-Cortez.

And because the above corporate powers I hate are working against Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, I’m going to be throwing my support 100 percent behind her. When I see evil forces trying to bring a young leader down, I know this leader is a people’s leader. I know she represents me, and ordinary, working-class Americans and immigrants like me.

I have never met Alexandria. And honestly, I was not following the Democratic Party’s primary elections, as they are always boring to death. Fact is, incumbents always win in New York. They have millions of dollars to spend, they never keep in touch with their people, and they take both the voters and election system for granted. My long activist experience is that in the primaries, 5 to 10 percent registered voters bother to come out to vote. It’s a disgrace for democracy. And media never talk about such apathy. They are happy with the deeply entrenched status quo, where by default, nothing changes.

And honestly, even though the ten-time incumbent Democratic bigwig Joseph Crowley took the primaries for granted, and lost to this young woman, I have worked with Crowley before. Sure, he belonged to the Clinton-Obama corporate establishment party. Yet, he came out to help us after 9/11 when we were organizing on the ground against anti-immigrant hate crimes. Crowley also was a friend of our vast Bangladeshi immigrant community. He has been a friend of our labor union. I have no personal ax to grind. He is a decent man whom I have never disliked.

But I am very excited that a young immigrant woman, who worked as a bartender and waitress (and whose her mother cleaned houses and drove school buses as they struggled to fight foreclosure of their home after her father died of cancer), caused one of the biggest upsets in recent American politics.

And also the fact that she got the second highest prize in the Intel science competition doing research in microbiology. And the fact that she did a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations.

(Wow, an immigrant activist switching from science to humanities and politics? That’s like me — twenty years later!)

Oh yes, the other reason I’m supporting her is because she is a Democratic Socialist, and on the team of my inspiration Bernie Sanders. 

I do believe taking over the corrupt and degenerate Democratic Party — one seat at a time — by young, energetic, brilliant, honest, people’s leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the ONLY way to eventually take America back from the cruel and inhumane clutches of the richest of the rich. Democracy must be returned to the people.

I do believe this is the ONLY way to save America from Trump’s fascism, and a total destruction of the world peace and environment.

I hope you understand the critical importance of this election victory, and support leaders like Alexandria across the nation.

Together, we can make this revolution happen. Let the lying status-quo cringe.

Sincerely Yours,

Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York


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[NOTE: I wrote this article on my own — on my personal blog.]

How New York Times Handed the Election Over to Trump — Part II


(Photo courtesy: Media Matters for America)

How did the New York Times actually work for Hillary Clinton, and trash a Bernie Sanders candidacy?

Conservative publication Observer did a detailed article on how New York Times worked as the mouthpiece of establishment DNC, to promote and glorify Hillary Clinton. You can find the Observer article here, and it shows how blatantly the mentor paper worked for Clinton’s win, dropping all its pretense of journalistic objectivity. In fact, as the article shows, some of the famous reporters and columnists for the Times took cues and quotes from Democratic Party bosses, and used them over and over again in their so-called reporting. There was absolute bias for Clinton, and all the opposition was silenced. Even in their readers’ comments section for various news items (NYTimes uses articles selectively to open readers’ comment box, and therefore, it’s already biased for certain items vis-a-vis the others), the Times often selected pro-Hillary comments as their favorites.

Here’s a segment from Observer.

“Throughout the primaries, the Times regularly published hit pieces on Sanders by columnists Paul Krugman and Charles Blow—and the company doesn’t seem to employ anyone, or at the very least publish freelance submissions, willing to portray Sanders in a positive light. Such an extreme imbalance in the opinion pages was common among major newspapers throughout the primaries, and not because there weren’t articulate academics and activists explaining why particular Sanders proposals were beneficial. Rather, publications like the Times overtly skewed their coverage to favor Clinton. Such extreme bias for one presidential candidate is harrowing, given the Times’ size and reputation of integrity for trusted journalism. The 2016 Democratic primaries saw the paper destroying that integrity and trust.”

CNN did the same thing.

“As soon as the nomination is wrapped up, I will be your biggest surrogate,” current Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile, wrote to [Clinton campaign chair] Podesta in a January 2016 email. As a Vice Chair of the DNC, Brazile was bound to neutrality per the charter, but as shown in several emails released so far, that was not the case.” Brazile has been a key CNN commentator on the network’s prime time shows.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to resign after her bias was exposed.

“In July, former DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned after WikiLeaks released emails that showed DNC staffers discussing strategies that could be used against Sanders. The emails revived long-running suspicions on the part of Sanders supporters that Wasserman Schultz had tilted the scales in favor of Clinton.” (Quote from LATimes.)

You don’t need to be a right wing, Trump supporter to understand how big media worked for either Trump or Clinton, throughout the campaign. If Fox, New York Post, or Breitbart worked shamelessly for Trump’s victory, New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC did the same for Hillary. They all shed their objectivity and neutrality pretense, and worked as mouthpieces of their favorite candidate.

By doing so, they all worked to promote the status-quo machinery, corporate America and its allegedly criminal institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Wal-Mart, Monsanto or Exxon, and actively silenced any democratic dissent. Silencing the Sanders campaign was an important example in their election coverage.

And by silencing the grassroots, democratic movement that took America by storm, New York Times and its surrogate media effectively silenced a real, issue-based, pro-99% movement of dissent, and heavily lifted the Bill Clinton-Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton oligarchy that ordinary Americans were craving to change.

Bernie Sanders’ exit from the scene, thanks to pro-Hillary propaganda by the Times, effectively, and ironically, turned over the mantle of the American disenchanted to the Trump candidacy. Trump now became the torchbearer for change!

From that point on, Bernie Sanders’ call for a moderate and nonviolent Democratic Socialism, economic equality for all Americans, a strong labor union, action on climate change, immigration reform, overturning Citizens United, and such urgent matters went into the the back burner. The American electorate did not hear about these issues anymore since New York Times and DNC pivoted Hillary Clinton to the supreme position of a presidential candidate.

The Times and DNC, in effect, decided she was the future president of America. They undermined and flayed Trump.

(To Be Continued.)





Bernie 1

My final, promised article before the New York primaries on April 19.

I have already written so much about this subject that I almost didn’t have to write anymore. But I am, because of a few, critically important developments.

One, last night’s debate here in Brooklyn, which I watched. Two, the rally in Washington Park the night before, which I attended. And three, the New York primaries on this Tuesday, where I will vote.

For years, I have written and taught about America’s income inequality, where the situation is that 0.1 percent of America’s rich now control 90% of the total wealth of the country. I now know, for sure, that Hillary and Bill Clinton promoted, perpetuated, and participated in that obnoxiously pro-1% system.

Hillary Clinton continuously took enormous amount of money from Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and other such evil corporations, and she would not release the transcripts of her speeches where she made $225,000 for each speech.

(Think about it: $225,000 for one speech. Most Americans don’t even see that amount of cash in their entire life.)

**And she praises agent of hell, war criminal Henry Kissinger.**

Bernie 4

For years, I have written and worked, both at the grassroots and policy levels, on the oppression and violence on poor people — especially immigrants and blacks — and seen their conditions first hand. I have worked with immigrants in jail whose only crime was that they wanted to make a living in the U.S., without having valid papers. Their only crime was they were very poor, and had a family to feed. They were handcuffed, jailed, and deported.

(In many cases, their poverty and status-less living in America were caused by the U.S. war and foreign policies that supported dictators in their countries, and also because of trade policies such as NAFTA and TPP that the Clintons promoted.)

Bernie 2

This is the first time in my thirty years in America, where I have actively and enthusiastically involved myself with the political process, since the first election when Rev. Jesse Jackson as a candidate raised some major issues, a major presidential candidate named Bernie Sanders forcefully highlighted about the difference between a pro-99% political position and a pro-1% one. This is the first time a major presidential candidate told us the truth.

This is the first time I came to feel and be excited about the possibility that U.S. establishment political parties, their corporations, and their dishonest media such as New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, ABC and NBC are losing ground on their 24/7 propaganda — because of the forceful, morally upright election campaign of Bernie Sanders.

This is the first time in my thirty years of America as an immigrant, I can feel deep inside in my heart that America’s young generation is ushering in a new era of honest and enlightened activism.

I marched on New York’s Street against the immoral and WMD-lie Iraq war. I marched across the U.S. for immigrants’ rights. I marched with hundreds of thousands of people to support the climate movement. I witnessed history.

By supporting and voting for Bernie Sanders, I shall continue being a part of that people’s history.

I am sure you are with me, because I am with you.

Love and solidarity,

Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York.

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Bernie 3