A Day After the 2019 India Polls

Dr. Partha Banerjee from New York predicts ominous predictions about the upcoming 2019 national elections in India. Climate change, war, violence, terrorism, skyrocketed prices of health, education, transportation, medicines, and slashing of interests on people’s savings would make life miserable. Democracy will be killed once and for all. He wishes his predictions are all wrong. But…are they?

Some very possible outcomes. No, these are not meant for the Bhakts — religious zealots. It’s for commoners.

What can happen a day after the 2019 polls?

Possible Outcome (1) —  Cost of meds, oil, gas, education, transportation etc. will skyrocket [again!]. And, on the other side, bank interest rates will plummet. Something like the present day USA. We get 0.5% to 0.75% interest at the banks here in America. Nobody knows or cares. Thanks to the IMF and the World Bank, the Modi government, along with their cronies from the Adanis and Ambanis, is forcefully implementing this anti-people American model on us. And will continue to do so. The interest rates from the banks have already gone down a lot. Earlier, the Indian rates used to be 6.5 or 7% that have now gone down to 5 or 4.5%. As a result, the savings of millions are going down the drain. Retired women, Indian soldiers (Yes! They too!), and all other senior citizens, who totally rely on their savings, might very possibly see their income dip drastically from 15k to 14/12k. The numbers are mere examples only.

Such will be the price rise, that they won’t be able to sustain a living out of it. Violence will increase in the social spheres, because of economic reasons, and just like the USA, the police, military and private jails will take up law into their own hands. Just like the USA.

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Our Children Will Live on Boats

People will live on boats. Very soon. And no such rescue would be necessary.

The only tropical rain forests and pristine nature in the Indian subcontinent are under an unprecedented, catastrophic flood. Most people still do not understand the gravity of the situation: massive man-made climate change, combined with out of control capitalism.

As I said many times, it’s profit before people. This American model that India adopted is great evil: it’s destroying America, and it’s destroying India.

Indian rulers are greedy, corrupt, fanatic, bigots, and have no regard for science. Just the same way Christian fanatics called the Connecticut and Florida school children killed by gun violence sinners, Hindu fanatics in India are calling the Kerala flood victims sinners and beef eaters. It’s not only ridiculous. It’s also cruel.

India’s BJP government also refused to receive foreign aids, adding more suffering to the marooned and hapless people. Their supporters are busy on social media, ridiculing the “Muslims, Christians, and communists of Kerala.”

Weather: Monsoon rain causes flood in Kerala
Of course, thanks to big media and corporate politicians, even today, cricket and Bollywood and such money-driven games are top news. One billion helpless people’s lives are at the brink of extinction. Those who are exposing the truth, and criticizing the greed and profit-only system — the people in power are trashing them.

Prediction is, in one generation, climate catastrophe will practically submerge Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bombay, Goa, Andhra, Orissa, West Bengal, and Bangladesh.

Read this World Economic Forum article: Why India is Most at Risk from Climate Change.

Our children will live on boats, fighting for food and water.

Kerala flood 2018 India Today


Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York


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Start An Honest, Interactive Education

Partha intro Chomsky

This is a very sincere and honest, heartfelt thought. And I want to share it with you.

If I had a lot of money and time, I would quit my job, and perhaps begin an educational channel on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

I feel very strongly about it, given that I have already taught at college level for over thirty-five years (five years in India and thirty years in USA), and I have academic expertise (and high degrees) in science, humanities, media and journalism, writing, economics, and political and social sciences. Plus, I have forty years of experience — both in USA and India — in grassroots organizing.

I came from an humble background, and I have done my best to know the ordinary men, women, children and families, and their pressing issues. I have seen how eagerly they want to learn, and how sincerely they want to believe in someone who can teach them honestly. Honesty matters even today, in this world ruined by dishonest political leaders, corporations, and their establishments.

I truly believe an educational channel would prove to be extremely valuable — for those who want to learn more about the many subjects academia, media and our so-called leaders have kept away from us.


For example, (1) How BAD is the SOCIO-ECONOMIC situation in USA, how many people languish in U.S. jails, how serious is the health and college dropout crisis in America, and why SO FEW people vote in this country, compared to other democracies around the world? All of the above, and much more, have been kept a secret from most of us, by those political leaders and their media.

Or, for example (2) Is CLIMATE CHANGE a real catastrophe as we speak, and what have the U.S. corporations and their supported politicians done to address the crisis?

You add your questions and topics and issues.

I do believe a simple, matter-of-factly PUBLIC journalism and information center is a very important thing to do, and I do believe even though there are a number of alternative outlets that are doing it, I could do it differently, with a language that everybody understands.

But unfortunately, right now, I do not have that kind of money or time. I have a full-time job, and it is a responsible and satisfying teaching job: I teach labor union workers on many of the above subjects.

So, we need to do it differently. Here is my idea.

I will try to post short questions in the form of a blog, and invite you to be a part of an interactive discussion. You can freely ask me any questions you like, based on your interest, and I will do my best to answer them, as accurately as I can. And then, we shall have an analysis. Some thoughtful resolution.

Some friends already encouraged me to do something like it, and I think we need to begin somewhere.

Sharing with you — a small group of friends who read my blog regularly, with hope that others will join in the discussion.

In sincerity, honesty, and friendship,

Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York

Partha teaching

Trump Won’t Be President. But…

Trump CNNDonald Trump knows he can’t be the next American president. America is not that intellectually advanced, but still, it has come a long way from the old days of hate, bigotry and fascism.

When Trump says he wants to ban all Muslims from coming to U.S., he kills his chances even more.

Really, Trump knows he doesn’t have any serious chances. People who are supporting him now are supporting his hate speech and message of bigotry, paranoia and exclusion. But nobody knows it better than Trump himself that he has zero knowledge about how the world turns, how tax is collected, how roads are paved, and how barbers run their unisex shops across America. For that matter, he never visited a barber shop in years.

Trump never read history or geography or science or arts books…none of his colleagues did. He never paid taxes…none of the American one percent did in recent years, especially since Reagan. He never drove on the road…in fact, his class only rode the helicopter from Wall Street straight up to their New Jersey, Connecticut or Rhode Island mansions.helicopter

That is how their world turns…as we’ve seen on soap operas and Hollywood. Their lives are fantastical and frivolous. I would give it an F. If you look carefully at his face, you know that he knows he is an F.

And again, we all know Trump never went to a barber shop. In fact, he has the most unkempt hair that we have seen in recent years. It’s shameful.

But here on this blog, we don’t talk about shamefully unkempt hair. Or, Hillary Clinton’s $600 hair. Here, we talk about more serious and important things.

Six months ago, I said this to my labor union students [paraphrasing]:

“Trump will not be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, and he knows it. But he is doing what he has been asked to do: move an already right-wing media discussion to an even further right, and the 2016 campaign will be fought within that narrow, right-wing, hate and war spectrum. All else will be excluded. That is the plan.”

Let’s go global for a second, given this is a globalized economy today, and elections are not local either. They are global. Monsanto farmer suicides in India can make it an election debate issue between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

In USA and India, the two largest “democracies” in the world, the one percent is doing precisely this, what we call distraction from the 99 percent’s bread and butter issues, and putting spotlight on sensational issues. That is the plan.

India cartoon
In India, suddenly, beef eating or not has become a nationwide media market sell. As if India and its one billion poor people have solved all their problems with poverty, hunger, malnourishment, diseases, environment pollution, illiteracy, or unemployment. Women in India found equality and respect. Film stars — especially the billionaires — suddenly find out that India is so intolerant that they may have to leave the country. 

In USA, Trump and Kruz and Carson and Huckabee and Bush the juniormost president-to-be all want to tell us how tough we must be, and how evil Muslims and Latinos are. Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers. When that didn’t go very well, ISIS came along to help. Now, it’s all about terror and ISIS and Mali and the imminent threat to American security and American way of life.

(Without telling us who and what created ISIS and Mali in the first place, that is. Hillary won’t talk about Libya and Mali. Bush  and New York Times and Judith Miller won’t talk about Iraq, Syria and ISIS.)

Trump and all other Republicans candidates are now saying that Muslims are all evil, as “thousands and thousands of Muslims cheered” when the World Trade Center towers came down on 9/11. Now, we must mark and tag and label each and every Muslim in America, Trump said.

(This tagging sounds familiar too…just go back on history a few decades.)

income inequality

And American big media — New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS, NBC, ABC and CBS, plus the right wing nuts on their TV and radio shows — have all decided that the 2016 elections should not and must not have any discussion on subjects such as the unprecedented income inequality in America, the hidden, massive unemployment, the anti-labor treaties such as Obama’s TPP (or Clinton’s NAFTA), or global movements such as the ones on climate change or women’s equality. No more debate on police brutality and Black Lives Matter. No discussion no more on immigration reform.

climate-changeThey have succeeded. It is very likely that Bush or Cruz from the Republican side and Hillary Clinton and Blue Dog Democrats from their side will be made the candidates for another four years of dumb charade, aka presidential elections.

Serious people who talk about serious issues — like Bernie Sanders — will be officially ostracized and excluded. Unless Bernie’s people can bring in so much pressure that DNC has no choice but to nominate him.

Noam Chomsky once said,“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

That is the plan. Trump and Cruz, with help from Hillary and Obama, are moving the spectrum of the election debate to far right.

New York Times and Washington Post and CNN and NBC are making sure that is where the “lively debate” stays.

Just think about it.


Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York

Chomsky debate spectrum