Media for the Global 99%

Beginning this month we're starting out on a new journey together. The blog you have known as One Final Blog is now Humanity College. 

The vision for Humanity College is to create an interactive, democratic, and participatory multimedia platform to promote education and critical thinking, while providing independent insight into news and issues excluded or neglected in mainstream media. Our goal is to bring these issues and stories to light in a way that is open, honest, and easy to understand.

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90% of American media is owned by just 6 companies!

The situation is similar in India, and many other countries. This concentration of media ownership is a threat to our democracy and our right to know what's really happening in our communities and the world. Corporate media is for profit and does not want us to be a part of it. We offer you a democratic, honest, truthful and trustworthy platform where you can be an active participant.

Go beyond the mainstream media

Each month we'll post news items around a common theme on our website.

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When available we'll provide expert analysis to deepen the conversation.

We'll feature English, Bengali and Hindi content to reach our global community.

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