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India’s Defeat in World Cup Cricket

India exits from World Cup cricket today. But media, politicians and celebrities never criticize the sports, the players, and the deep politics and corruption. The game and its hype distracts people from real-life problems.

Meet Amit Shah, India’s New Home Minister.

Home Minister in India is the man who is in charge of the country's national security and immigration. And people have many...

ভারতের নির্বাচনের ফলাফল — মগজধোলাই আর ধর্মান্ধতার জয়।

কী কারণে এমন হলো, একটু দেখে নেওয়া যাক। ভুলে যাবার আগে। অবশেষে দেখা গেল, শাসক শ্রেণী ও তাদের মিডিয়ার অষ্টপ্রহর গোয়েবলস অপপ্রচার আর মিথ্যাচার সাধারণ...

India Election Results — Fascists and Fanatics are Back in Power.

Hindu fanatics with their political party BJP won a landslide victory in Indian elections today. For secular, progressive and modern-thinking people, it is a dark day. But we must understand the reasons why they won. And we must understand our God-given role to play in the coming years, regardless of the election results.

Rabindranath Tagore, the Poet of All Poets.

We celebrate the great poet, philosopher, and social reformer Rabindranath Tagore's birthday. Tagore visualized a modern, free India where people would think freely, and their minds would be without fear.

Rabindranath Tagore — Poet, Philosopher, and Social Reformer

Our series of articles on Rabindranath Tagore, the great poet, philosopher, and social reformer from Calcutta, Bengal, and India.
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