September 11.

911 anniversary WTAP dot comToday is September 11. A day to mourn. And a day to reflect.

Seventeen years ago, on this day, we went through one of the most horrible terrorist acts in the history of human civilization. My family and I went through the experience, where we were disconnected for a long time: none of us knew where the others were. Our high-school-going child saw the twin towers collapsing, and hapless people jumping to their deaths. We lost countless innocent people — of all races and religions. Windows of the World, the restaurant at the top of the tower, had a number of Muslim workers who all perished with the others.

But then, we saw how the ruling class took advantage of the terror that they could not prevent (and many say it was insider job, hushed up), and unleashed global terror. New York Times and other media with their fake WMD in Iraq stories legitimized genocide, and Bush and Cheney with complete disregard for the American and international people, wreaked havoc. Countless people were killed, and the destruction of Iraq de-stabilized Middle East. More terrorist groups were born, with alleged help from CIA and U.S. government. Bush, Obama, and Trump have all continued the bombing and killing ever since.

Fanaticism, hate, bigotry and violence-based politics have risen their ugly heads — in an unprecedented way that we have not seen since the demise of Hitler and Nazi Germany. People who supported Hitler and genocide of the Jews are now in power — both in the U.S. and in India. Trump’s father was a white supremacist, and Trump himself is openly supported by hate groups in America. In India, those who eulogized Hitler and killed Gandhi are now ruling the land of Tagore, Kabir and Sri Chaitanya.

The world order of peace and harmony that human civilization aspired for and nearly reached — is now a dream of the past. The international Doomsday Clock is now put at the closest hour to midnight, by scientists. As Noam Chomsky, whom New York Times ostracized repeated, climate catastrophe on one hand and threat of nuclear bombs on the other have brought us and our children on the brink of destruction.

I mourn the lost lives on 9/11. I pray for their souls. I condemn any variety of terrorism. And I mourn the loss of humanity, equality, peace and justice — because of the aftermath and politics of hate and violence, following 9/11.

Sincerely Yours,

Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York


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The Nine-Eleven Rat

I could be that man too. I was not far.
I could be that man too. I was not far.

The Nine-Eleven Rat

Every year today
A rat wiggles out
In the middle of the day
Brown and kinda gray

It greets the solemn world
In a semi-observed
Without hullabaloo
Festoon or banner
Like, our Punxsutawney Phil
or Chuck the winter hog
Which is a big deal

But the rat has no name
Pedigree or fame
The mayor doesn’t pick it
Holds in lap to lick it
Media do not gather
It’s forgettable, rather
It’s nobody’s no bliss
Obviously therefore
There’s no hugs no kiss

The rat, gray and brown
A little silly, I suppose
In its own fray and frown
I’d even propose
as if philosophical
Stupid lackadaisical
Politically in error
Don’t it have no mirror?

It gets on its way
Every single year
On this sanctimonious day
Travels subway gutters
Gosh, Murmurs and mutters
In the middle of the day
When the world is in pray

We now call it the Nine-Eleven rat
That’s all it deserves
And we’ll leave it at that