Theresa May Would Not Apologize. Corbyn Wants An Apology. I Want An Apology and Reparation

One Hundred Years of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre by the British Tyrants.

A chronology of the event.

(1) On April 13, 1919, on the auspicious New Year’s Day, British military under Gen. Reginald Dyer opened fire on a nonviolent crowd of men, women and children that gathered to celebrate the festival in the garden in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. The military closed off the narrow entrance, took position, and immediately started to kill the people. There was absolutely no provocation. They killed at least 400 on the spot (some say 1000), and injured over a thousand. Few dozen terrified people — mostly women and children — jumped in a well to their death. It was one of the most horrifying mass murders in history.

(2) Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore, whom the British and Irish elite painted as the Mystic Poet from the East (and purposefully overlooked his major contributions in the world of social, economic and educational reform), was one strong voice who condemned this genocide. In a letter of protest, he returned his Knighthood to Lord Chelmsford, then Viceroy of India.

(3) Mahatma Gandhi, freshly returning from South Africa, who was rallying a nonviolent uprising against the British colonization (and many say, thereby crushing the long-drawn struggle by Indian revolutionaries) did not show up at the scene of the massacre, until one month after the horror.

(4) Hindu fundamentalists and right-wing nationalists who would eventually consolidate under the banner of RSS (parent organization of BJP) in 1925 did not take part in the anti-British freedom struggle at all. It was mostly the leftist and centrist nationalists who continued the struggle for over one hundred years, before they were killed off, jailed, tortured and hanged by the British Raj. (Hindu fanatics eventually killed Mahatma Gandhi.)

(5) British House of Lords praised General Dyer and gave him a sword inscribed with the motto “Savior of the Punjab.” In addition, a large fund was raised by Dyer’s sympathizers and presented to him.

(6) Sir Michael Francis O’Dwyer was Lieutenant Governor of Punjab in India from 1912 until 1919. O’Dwyer endorsed Colonel Reginald Dyer’s action regarding the Amritsar massacre and termed it a “correct action”. In 1940, aged 75, he was assassinated by Udham Singh, a Sikh revolutionary.

(7) After a century of the brutality, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party demanded an unconditional apology for the massacre. In response, Prime Minister Theresa May described the massacre in Amritsar in 1919 as a “shameful scar” on British Indian history, but stopped short of a formal apology sought by a cross-section of the British parliament.

(8) I demand an apology and reparation from the British government and royal family for their two centuries of occupying, looting and destroying of India and her treasures, culminated by a bloody and deadly partition.

My family and I visited this sacred site on February 4, 2019, along with the Golden Temple in Amritsar. I bowed and kissed the ground at both places, and thanked God for this precious opportunity to finally touch the hallowed ground.

I ask all my friends to share this heartfelt note of mine with their friends, family and loved ones.

Thank you for reading.


A Day After the 2019 India Polls

Dr. Partha Banerjee from New York predicts ominous predictions about the upcoming 2019 national elections in India. Climate change, war, violence, terrorism, skyrocketed prices of health, education, transportation, medicines, and slashing of interests on people’s savings would make life miserable. Democracy will be killed once and for all. He wishes his predictions are all wrong. But…are they?

Some very possible outcomes. No, these are not meant for the Bhakts — religious zealots. It’s for commoners.

What can happen a day after the 2019 polls?

Possible Outcome (1) —  Cost of meds, oil, gas, education, transportation etc. will skyrocket [again!]. And, on the other side, bank interest rates will plummet. Something like the present day USA. We get 0.5% to 0.75% interest at the banks here in America. Nobody knows or cares. Thanks to the IMF and the World Bank, the Modi government, along with their cronies from the Adanis and Ambanis, is forcefully implementing this anti-people American model on us. And will continue to do so. The interest rates from the banks have already gone down a lot. Earlier, the Indian rates used to be 6.5 or 7% that have now gone down to 5 or 4.5%. As a result, the savings of millions are going down the drain. Retired women, Indian soldiers (Yes! They too!), and all other senior citizens, who totally rely on their savings, might very possibly see their income dip drastically from 15k to 14/12k. The numbers are mere examples only.

Such will be the price rise, that they won’t be able to sustain a living out of it. Violence will increase in the social spheres, because of economic reasons, and just like the USA, the police, military and private jails will take up law into their own hands. Just like the USA.

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International Women’s Day — Filth in USA, Farce in India.

Nirbhaya and Asifa — two shames, two tears — out of many.

Never before in modern history, women have been in such great peril in my two countries — USA and India. Here in U.S., Trump and his cohort are obscenely anti-women. Their filth, glorified in a section of American media, makes you throw up. India, under this fanatic group of rulers, is ranked “the most dangerous place for women.” Lowest safety in the whole world.

Globally, India is #1 from the bottom, and USA is #10.

Especially after a dignified president like Obama, Trump’s misogyny and obscene public gestures against women are unbelievable! People who support him, I wonder, what do their sisters and wives think of him? I would like to know. I mean, do they really know? Can they think?

My real shame, however, is today’s India. From bride burning to dowry deaths to acid throwing to female infanticide to 24/7 rapes and tortures to eve teasing to economic discrimination to snatching their money and property to domestic violence to day-to-day harassment and undermining and subjugation, it is a place nowhere else to be found.

India’s New Rulers Don’t Understand Equality.

If you think these Indian rulers’ election politics of hate, violence and war against Pakistan would uplift women of India, you need to know their long history of misogyny. And for me, I have a number of first hand experiences.

If there is a ranking system, I would say they consider rich Hindu women as second-class citizens, poor Hindu women as third class, and Muslim and Dalit women as fourth class. They live in pre-historic days, and want women to surrender to men, period. Some of their leaders still support Suttee — the immolation of widows.

Of course, they are not the only ones to blame. Fanatic Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh share their share of misogyny and primitive social dictates. Between these two major religions with their extremist social leaders, International Women Day is a farce in India.

Let us face the truth, although elite and privileged women doing their annual, fancy window dressing today would fiercely debate. Let them debate. They live in fantasyland.

General Knowledge India — 2-minute Lesson on BJP and RSS.

Nathuram Godse was an RSS volunteer. He killed Mahatma Gandhi. RSS gave birth to BJP, party which now rules India. Modi is an RSS member. So are top BJP ministers.

(1) Who is Prime Minister Modi?

He is BJP and RSS.

(2) What is BJP?

It’s the political wing of RSS.

(3) What is RSS?

It’s a militant Hindu fundamentalist organization.

(4) What did they do?

Nathuram Godse, an RSS follower, killed Gandhi. He had many other Hindu fundamentalist associates on the assassination conspiracy.

Their top leaders praised Hitler, and their volunteers/followers conspired to kill Mahatma Gandhi. (Read New York Times interview with Gopal Godse, assassin Nathuram Godse’s brother.)

(5) Did RSS participate in the freedom struggle against British occupation and tyranny?

No, RSS as an organization actively stayed away from it.

(6) What are they against?

They always talked about Islam, Christianity, and socialism to be the three vices, or evils — for India or Bharat.

(7) What are they for?

India/Bharat is for Hindus and Hindi, gender equality is unacceptable, and the economy must be privatized (or, not socialized — they were vehemently against nationalization of India’s banks).

(8) Do RSS practice a democratic leadership structure?

No, they have a supreme, unquestionable leader.

(9) Do they have money?

They have huge money.

(10) How do they gather money?

Volunteer donation is one way. They call it GuruDakshina (charity to the Guru, which is their saffron, Hindu flag).

(11) Do they pay taxes on their enormous income this way?

Not sure. I guess, short answer is, if you can count the money correctly, and transparently. I never heard anybody asking this question. Nobody asks serious questions there.

(12) How do I know all of the above?

I was with RSS, BJP and their student wing ABVP for over fifteen years, before I quit out of ideological disillusionment. And my father was with them all his life. He was close to leaders like Vajpayee and Advani.

(Reference: Partha Banerjee, In the Belly of the Beast: Hindu Supremacist RSS and BJP of India — An Insider’s Story. Ajanta Books International, Delhi, 1998).

It’s Fascism and Dictatorship, Here in USA

America is surely slipping into the monstrous nights of fascism and dictatorship. And elite politicians and media do not care, much.

Then comes the task of controlling the so-called “populist” base: the angry, frightened, disillusioned white population, primarily males. Since there is no way for Trumpism to deal with their economic concerns, which are actually being exacerbated by current policy-formation, it’s necessary to posture heroically as “standing up” for them against “malevolent forces” and to cater to the anti-social impulses that tend to surface when people are left to face difficult circumstances alone, without institutions and organizations to support them in their struggles.

Noam Chomsky, Truthout, June 20, 2018

We all knew elite liberals with their long, cruel detachment from us the ordinary people and our sufferings, along with their fake promises and unthinkable corruption would bring on extreme racism, politics of hate and bigotry, and eventually fascism. We see it now in Trump, and his brand of Republicans.

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The Legal vs. Illegal Immigrant Debate

Let’s have some fact checking on the “Illegal vs Legal” Immigration debate. That is, let those of us who want to check facts, and not go by hearsay and propaganda.

Today, this is one of the most important debates: hate, bigotry and divisive politics are destroying mankind, and any concept of peace, harmony, tolerance, and coexistence. And because “mainstream” corporate media is not telling us the truth, and anti-immigrant far right media everywhere is spreading lies and half truths, we might as well check out the facts ourselves.

Trump is using his white supremacist, racist violent politics against immigrants, shutting down the country on his rhetoric on the wall. Many Americans — quite a few of them ordinary, peaceful but otherwise misinformed men and women — are falling for it. 

Here’s some quick points on the immigration debate — for those who care to read and think.

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Last Post of 2018: That Con Ed Explosion Big Media Hushed Up!

Yesterday (December 27), a huge explosion of some sort at New York City’s Con Edison Astoria power plant turned the night sky blue. It was frightening.

It was so big that idiots thought it was an alien invasion, and smart people nicknamed it Astoria Borealis (after Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights).

But big media downplayed it. You could not find much discussion on this massive fire. This is how corporations work together: save each other’s back, leaving the ordinary people in dark. They call it democracy and free speech. There is no accountability.

Big media and big politicians hushed it up, period. They have time for everything trivial, but no time for such a serious matter. Their trick is, if you keep these things out of public attention, they eventually go away, especially today when nobody cares to know.

I have often called it Journalism of Exclusion.

Nobody will ever know why and how this explosion happened. There will be no serious investigation. And yes, pollution. Unbelievable pollution, if not radiation. How much chemicals, and of what type, got released in New York’s neighborhoods?

Truly reminds me of the suppression of truth after 9/11, when the rulers declared everything was okay. And now people who went through the dust of poison are suffering. Some have died.


(And a reminder: 1800 electrical union workers are on the street for two years, in a place called New York, where the governor, mayor, and almost all city council members are Democrats. That news is not on big media either.)


A “Happy” 2019 to all. We shall come back with a major restructuring of this blog, shaping it as an honest, pro-people platform for news, discussion, and analysis.

Stay with us. We need you on this crucial, critical mission to educate with truth and humanity, and fight back against corruption, lies, and politics of brutal power, violence, profit, bigotry, and hate.

Yours Truly,

Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York

#AstoriaBorealis #ConEdExplosion #NewYorkExplosion #MediaExclusion #SpectrumStrike

America Chooses Between Fascism and Freedom

It is a very critical, ominous time.

Tomorrow, November 6, is an election here in America that could change the course of human history. We can find ourselves thrown back in another dark era of fascism, global war, hate, violence, and terrifying repression Hitler style.

We could see all the pro-people gains American people have made since FDR going down the drain, forever. Right to health care, right to education, right to a livable wage, right to a clean environment, right to organize, and gender and race equality would be unachievable dreams — in our lifetime. Fascists and their corporations will destroy it all.

Or, we can see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s that critically important.

If Trump and his unleashed white supremacist forces win, it could well be the last democratic election we see in USA. And that would create massive ripple effect across the world, bolstering fascist and supremacist forces.

That is my prediction, based on my many years of political activism and teaching.

Unfortunately, I have also predicted that there will be some Democratic victories, but not a landslide to capture both the House of Representatives and Senate, without which Trump’s aspiration for a virtual dictatorship would not be nipped in the bud.

Only way we can stop this absolute horror is if young generation, enlightened American men and women — such as the ones who formed recent, major alliances such as #NeverAgain, #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, LGBT and environmental groups, as well as young labor union workers come forward, and flood the voting booths.

A large number of young, bright, forward-looking canididates have put together a great show of solidarity across the U.S. — against formidable, corporate-funded, heavyweight career politicians. I do hope you elect these young leaders.

I have no power other than my words circulated through social media. I urge you to come out to vote tomorrow, and ask people you know to vote.

We are about to see history unfolding.

A believer of non-violent, democratic social revolution,

Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York

November 5, 2018


November Elections: Hope My Ominous Predictions are Wrong!

Next week, America will decide whether or not this country will go down on a permanent path to fascism, violence, and white supremacy.

Just before Donald Trump became the president in November 2016, I had written in a leading Indian daily newspaper, predicting a Hillary Clinton win. I was wrong. I was influenced by New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, and such enormous media, and their relentless forecasts.

When I look back on it, I see a glaring lack of communication with the commoners. Conversations at restaurants, pubs and labor unions actually brimmed with an overwhelming support for Trump. The picture remains the same as the November  election approaches. More or less.

I live in New York, which is supposed be a fort for liberals and Democrats. If this is the scenario here, we can imagine the picture elsewhere. I have often pondered over the question as to how union workers could support Trump and his cronies who want to destroy unions in the first place. It’s beyond me!

On November 6, Americans will vote for the Congress. They will elect 435 House representatives and thirty-five senators. The Democrats at present are minority in both chambers of Congress.  And, they hope win the election by a substantial margin, capture the Congress, and thereby impeach Trump for his numerous heinous and illegal acts — the Nixon and Watergate way.

My gut feeling is that Democrats might win the election by a few seats. But it won’t be enough for a substantial majority. There will be no Democratic landslide at all.

Fascism and dictatorship are getting a lot of steam in America of late — like they are getting it in countries like India, Russia, and Brazil.  Here in USA, it’s become ugly and horrendous. Just a few days ago, a white supremacist shot dead eleven innocent Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Another white supremacist killed two innocent black people in a Kentucky supermarket. Another such person targeted anti-Trump Democratic leaders like Hillary and Obama by mailing pipe bombs: his truck sported Trump stickers all over.

Regular attacks on journalists have become a part and parcel of life now. Trump separated immigrant children from their parents, and put them in cages. Just two days ago, he declared he would abolish birthright citizenship — a U.S. constitutional mainstay for over a century. Fascists are trying to scrap the legal framework altogether — everywhere.

Yet, protests are on. Problem is, apart from Bernie Sanders, no leader in the Democratic Party is capable of bringing everybody together. Sanders, however, isn’t supported by Bill and Hillary Clinton-dictated mainstream Democrats. New York Times and CNN don’t want him to get mass support either. We have seen how they have destroyed the Sanders campaign in 2016.

Given the scenario, I doubt whether there will at all be a strong surge of of educated and liberal Americans on the ballot box next Tuesday.

Yet, I am hoping against hope that people of America will prove me wrong again. I want my so-called prophecy to fail.
Written by: Partha Banerjee, Brooklyn, New York
Translated by: Samya Brata Roy, Calcutta, India


Picture from San Diego Free Press. For non-profit, educational use.