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Dear Friend:

Welcome to HumanityCollege.  Let us share life’s stories. Stories of human values, rights, dignity, and struggle for equality.

(To know more, my Wikipedia page is now up.)

My critical thinking, labor workshop. This is my sixth year of doing it.
My critical thinking, labor workshop. This is my sixth year of doing it.

I was a scientist and a journalist in my past life. Weird, right? I am now primarily a labor educator and a human rights activist with emphasis on immigrant rights.

I live in USA — the land of Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, Helen Keller, Emma Goldman, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I have lived in USA half my life. I grew up in Calcutta, Bengal, Bangladesh, India — the land of Sri Chaitanya, Bengal Renaissance, Ram Mohan Ray, Swami Vivekananda, Vidyasagar, Tagore, Lalon Fakir and Satyajit Ray; and by default, Bengali progressive consciousness and culture. I lived in Bengal half my life too — as a child of two poor AND morally upright parents. My mother taught me Bengali liberalism; my father inculcated in  me traditional, time-tested Indian values.

Calcutta. Kolkata. Bengal. India.
Calcutta. Kolkata. Bengal. India.

I feel deficient that in spite of my sincere effort to learn more about India outside of Bengal — Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kashmir or Assam — Indian education system did not let me grasp much. Then I left India, and started learning about USA. My American teachers — both in Illinois and New York — reshaped me, made me the person that I am and perhaps challenged me to be the person I can be – A global citizen in truest form.

In both U.S. and India — I’ve had lots of fun, friendship and food for thought. I recharged my blog because I believe there is an entire, real world with seven seas, six continents and six billion real faces outside the virtual world, and I wanted to reach them. I want to hear more from you, from them — through sincere conversations. And have fun doing it too.

Most importantly, here’s the thing: I am not about I; I am about us. “I” do not exist without “Us”. Simple? You need something complex? Okay, let’s see…imagine someone who is for equality, society and prosperity from the bottom of the pyramid and moving up. When I sing my songs, write my write-ups, or speak my speeches, I always keep in mind the vast majority who cannot sing their songs, write their write-ups, or speak. They have no power; I have some. All my life, in sunshine and in storms, I have shared with them; and I will keep on sharing with  them — my God-given talents and acquired, real, raw experience and some refined knowledge — with the powerless.

I reject Ayn Rand because that extreme selfishness rejects history of We the People: it rejects ordinary people’s dignity, struggle and right to equality. I refuse to be a part of rabid individualism at the expense of the vast-majority of working men, women, and the toiling, suffering, unappreciated underclass.

To know me better You can also visit my music: my recording of Tagore songs. Just click here.

Please also visit my recently-published, peer-reviewed article on how to build a non-violent movement bringing together moderate working people, both from the so-called left and right. The link is at http://parthabanerjee.cgpublisher.com/product/pub.26/prod.2020 . Here’s my simple, working model. I strongly believe this model works both for USA and India (and across the world).

Second Circle. My simple model to bring together the 99 percent. Of the world. Try it.
Second Circle. My simple model to bring together the 99 percent. Of the world. Try it.

We the People — in its purest form — is my happiness. In fact, that is my religion. We say in Sanskrit: “Bahujana hitaya, bahujana sukhaya.” In today’s English, it means: Of the People, By the People, For the People. I’m sure you know what I mean.

I hope you join me in this spiritual quest for happiness — for us, for all, for always.

Sincerely Writing,

Partha Banerjee

(in original Sanskrit: Partha Bandyopadhyay)

Brooklyn, New York

P.S. — I have a professional bio on my LinkedIn page, in case you care to know.

Me. Now. 2014. USA.
Me. Now. 2014. USA.

P.P.S. — Here’s a list of a few of my posts on this blog. I hope you visit, comment and share. Click on the title of the article. Thank you.

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Tagore. The Poet of All Poets.

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My two inspirations.
My two other inspirations.

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “You yourself know not how beautiful is your gift.”….. now,this is what I want to say…Partha,this is truly a gift, your blog is!!… “naa chahitee more jaa korechho daan, akaash, aalok, tonu mono praan diney diney tumi nitecho amay shey moha daaneri joggyo korey…”

    Feeling so good to read and internalize your thoughts,hopes,songs of life and the relentless quest…..a reverie of augmented dimensionality…when a mind is engaged in pertinent but unreserved thoughts analysing this sheer existence one falls in love with the entire unverse…so, go on,let us discuss peace,dignity and action…. what a joyful thing indeed this sharing !! “shob dibi keyy, shob dibi paayy, aayy aayy aayy…”

    I hope to visit here often as you update,

    best wishes,

    1. Visit some more. Visit some often. We need to share. We need to soften. A friend needs a friend. That’s the must-find trend.

      (and Tagore will come to us, if we pray hard).

  2. Partha, I am a 75% blind vision of 60+. And, could barely read through your posts: but whatever little that fell into my blurred vision that generally leaps over words and sentences has given me consideable pleasure and pain that you may have or have not intended to share. You are a poet, you have a stright forward communication style. You write well. You have been writing this blog, it seems, for about three months now. You will turn your simultaneous existence in biology and journalism, North Calcutta and Brooklyn, teaching and writing, Tagore and Non-resident Bengali Durga pujo, into a long, wonderful voyage that could attract Pulziter one day.
    All the best.

    1. Dr. Sen: Your words are incredibly inspiring, to say the least. Pulitzer or not, I shall keep writing and I shall keep sharing my little life’s little experiences. Hopefully, some people will notice, not for any rewards or prizes, but for the simple facts of life and as you said, the straightforwardness of the message. It’s amazing that you already took the time to go through some of my writing. Who said you were 75% blind vision and over 60 — how many can emulate your ability to see and live with so much youth? I’m privileged to know you.

  3. Hi Partha,
    I am a writer/director and am immensely touched by your thoughts and your views. I am planning a documentary on the sunderbans and the plight of the people with a background of the man/animal conflist there. I ave lived all my life in Calcutta( i hate writing Kolkata) and work as a film maker now in Mumbai. Pls lets share a few ideas if possible. U could mail me on shiraz.muk@gmail.com

  4. Two generations ago my family emigrated from Ireland to America as part of the “humbled masses of poor” and our employment prospects consisted of “Irish need not apply”. My grandmother, for all practical purposes, was an indentured servant. It was either that, receive government handouts or starve–she choose work.

    Rather than lament our lot in life, we got off our duffs and started our own businesses and got good educations. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. We did it as individuals, taking personal responsibility and made the most of our God-given abilities. We did it through hard work, sacrifice and differed gratification.

    My wife and I and our four children did not have much to live on while I worked on weekends while I went to college and law school. Sure, life was tough, but we managed because we were working towards a goal of self reliance and self sufficiency. Those truly were the best and worst of times.

    In contrast, you propound Victimhood, the antithesis to social mobility, personal success and individual accountability. Your banner is “Equality” but your fruit is bondage.

    Until personal responsibility is understood by the underclass, it will remain the underclass.

    Social engineers like yourself attempt to change society from the outside in by levying taxes, redistributing wealth and the like and will never be successful–See Communist Russia, Cuba et al.

    Change starts AND ENDS with the individual. Beyond that is oppression.

    –John K. Oswald, Esq.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and write. I beg to disagree, however. Individualism does not promote equality, and today’s USA is an example of that. As far as underclass’ responsibility (or, the lack thereof as expressed in your opinion), I have seen my parents, grandparents and all having maximum responsibility throughout their lives, an attribute I also followed in my own life. Result: more shattered dreams. I have accomplished a lot in my own life, but I am not talking about myself here. I am talking about the 99 percent who have received the stick of cheating from the 1 percent. American Dream today is a myth, and it’s a proven myth.

  5. Hi Mr.Bandyopadhyay,

    I chanced across your blog while searching for “Most beautiful Memories” on Google, and I am so happy to find people like you, and I in every way support what you write about, share, and the purpose of your blog. I am an international student from China pursuing a BFA in Sculpture, Community Arts and Visual Studies in California. And leaving home for the first time, I was faced with a lot of my ignorance of the United States, and Ostracism from some of my peers, and since then I have propelled myself into learning more about the world, the constitute of the United States, the politics, the history, anything I can get my hands on, and finding your blog is a true blessing. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this blog, and keep up the amazing work you are doing!

    Best regards,

      1. (: Will do! Inspired by your blog, I have started one where I will practice writing, reflecting and critical thinking at ignorancechallenged.wordpress.com

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