Globalization of the Obnoxious


The Obnoxious 2.

An intelligent, modern-minded friend from Columbia Journalism School drew my attention to such ugliness, and I’m indebted to her.

(and btw, this has NOTHING to do with these actresses’ race.)

We see such “fashion” every single day, but do not take them seriously. After all, we are all mature people. I am a labor educator with a Ph.D., I sing Tagore songs, and I have my wife, students, sisters, nieces, and childhood friends on Facebook. Why show my extreme frustration to them?

But see, we must talk about it. Because it is spreading like a virus. This rape on our senses and sensibilities, in the name of art and entertainment.

Today, I discovered that top Indian newspapers and TV channels published and aired both photos, and more, and we can imagine what our children and their poor parents are going through, explaining what is good and what is bad.

I am by no stretch of imagination a reactionary obscurantist. But I do not for a moment believe this is either fashion or art. And I am not entertained at all. I refuse to pay for it. I demand my money back. I demand compensation for my lost time and sanity.

Reject this global rape of decency.



Brooklyn, New York


2 thoughts on “Globalization of the Obnoxious

  1. Oh Partha, Good Grief! The human body is beautiful both female and male. It is time for our society to stop making this such an issue. Maybe instead of being all secret about our bodies and more open, we could actually start having conversations about how sacred our bodies are and how they should not be violated!

    1. We are not talking about human bodies. We’re talking about commodification of human bodies. To sell. To profit from. And to impose one type of media-glorified culture on the rest of us, who do not want the imposition.

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