Village Abu Gharib, District Kolkata

Subroto, with my father (then 70), and his wife and two sons.
Subroto (in front of Tagore’s photo), my father, and Subroto’s wife and two sons. Photo taken in April 1994 at our North Calcutta mezzanine apartment.

My childhood friend Subroto in this photo I took in 1994, when we went back to India from America for the first time in nine years.

Subroto and I grew up together, like two brothers, since we were five years old. In 1999, he committed suicide, standing in front of a speeding local train in a Calcutta suburb. It was an auspicious Gandhi Birthday. October 2, 1999.

I was studying at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism at that time.

Tomorrow, in my ongoing Bengali memoir “Ghotikahini” (the tale of Ghotis, or West Bengalis), I will write a few things about him and some wasted, precious lives I’ve seen. Hope you read it.

I have titled tomorrow’s (March 20, 2015) Episode 19 as “Village Abu Gharib, District Kolkata.” The web link is here.

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