The Shortest Blog Post Ever :-)

humilityMy shortest blog post ever.

I’m sharing a piece of news. A happy news.

Wikipedia just published a page on my life and work — whatever they’re worth.

A group of young people worked hard, for months, to get the page published.

Here is the page. Hope you visit.

Thank you, all my family, friends, students, teachers, supporters and sympathizers.

Gratified, humbled.
Partha Banerjee

Brooklyn, New York.

7 thoughts on “The Shortest Blog Post Ever :-)

    1. Dear Partha,

      Very many congratulations are in order. I am so delighted to read your biography. I am extremely proud of you. I am also very fortunate to have found you via LinkedIn.

      Please keep up with your excellent work and inspire us always.

      Kindly let me know if you would want me to share it via my connections or not.

      May the Lord Almighty shower His blessings upon you and fulfil all your dreams.

      With warmest regards

      “Bhalo theko”,


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