They Are Killing Children

Courtesy: EaglesofBrassTacksBlogspot dot com.
Courtesy: EaglesofBrassTacksBlogspot dot com.

Israel is killing innocent children. Hamas is killing innocent civilians.

I do not understand their politics very well. But I understand that they are both killing many, many innocent children, women and men. These children could be your children. These women could be our sisters. Those young men could be my brothers.

I am sick to the stomach. I want to throw up. I want to scream. I want to cry.

I want to pray to God that if you really exist (and I have every reason to believe you don’t), save these poor children. Save them. Save them. Save them.

Israel and Hamas are two of today’s biggest mass murderers, and they should both be punished for their crimes — in front of a global court. They are criminals of the worst kind.

Gaza, Palestine, today. Photo courtesy New York Times.
Gaza, Palestine, today. Photo courtesy New York Times.

U.S. of course will keep supporting Israel, and that has been our lifelong experience. U.S. media will keep supporting this horrible bloodshed too, and spin the news blatantly.

To them, it’s war. To us, it’s genocide.

When an army and a nation support killing innocent children (of any race or religion), that signifies they have reached the bottom pit of human civilization.

Israel and U.S. have reached the bottom pit of human civilization. Hamas and their supporters — whoever they are — have reached the bottom pit of human civilization.

It could be your home. It could be my home. Photo courtesy New York Times.
It could be your home. It could be my home. Photo courtesy New York Times.

I have always doubted in the existence of a Savior God. I have every reason to believe that God who is supposed to save the innocent simply do not exist.

Who will save the mankind from this gruesome violence? Who will save our children from this terror?

I do not understand their politics. And I don’t care if it’s Israel, Hamas, Palestine, Iran, U.S., China, Russia, India, or Pakistan. Whoever is responsible for this terror, this new barbarism, must be held accountable for their crimes, and punished — in front a global court of justice.

I am sick and tired of this horrible bloodshed.


Brooklyn, New York


Innocent people are not terrorists. They are innocent people. Photo courtesy New York Times.
Innocent people are not terrorists. They are innocent people. Photo courtesy New York Times.


6 thoughts on “They Are Killing Children

    1. At least 600 people so far. Over a hundred of them are women and children. If it happened in Europe or America or Australia, there would have been three hells broke loose already.

  1. To me, how people who think they are superior morally and intellectually can so easily dismiss the killing of women and children. Blaming not those who fire the weapons, but those who are the intended victims.
    Over 95% of people killed by Palestinian fighters have been soldiers, while 80% of people killed by Israel have been women and children. That’s 30x worse than the Palestinian ratio. Israel is the most cowardly army in the world, who chooses to drop 1,000 bombs from 40,000 feet rather than go in on foot and lose people.

    America should quit sending $8.5 million PER DAY to these cowards and give that money to the homeless, veterans and to the hungry children instead. That would be a $100,000 check to 85 organizations per day. Better than sending it to these cowards.
    In addition to the $3.2 billion in direct aid given to Israel there are additional “loans” which are subsequently forgiven, plus transfers of weapons from the US inventory to Israel and of course, there is the hideous cost in money and lives spent by America making war on Israel’s enemies.

    As a side note, every penny given to Israel is a violation of the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and the Glenn Act., both of which forbid US financial aid to any nations (including India & Pakistan) in possession of nuclear weapons technology that has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and does not allow IAEA inspections. Symington Amendment –

    Beyond that, as we struggle through the nations worst financial crisis, the US government has no business sending a single penny of our tax money to a foreign nation while Americans sleep in alleys and eat out of dumpsters. Meanwhile back in the U.S…nearly 50 million Americans are on Food-stamps whose budget is being cut! I bet they must feel good about Congress giving more money to the Zionist bloodsuckers! But my question is, why? Why do I have to pay 20% of Israel’s defense budget? Since when is Israel one of the FIFTY ONE states? I guess, I have a say in this matter as a citizen who votes, right? (

    Funny isn’t it, how they require FBI background checks to buy a deer rifle in the states, but if you’re a foreign Jihadist trying to overthrow a government that Washington isn’t on good terms with they’ll send you rocket launchers and heavy artillery no questions asked? And how do you reconcile the fact that the U.S. is fighting religious extremists in Afghanistan calling them terrorists, while supporting those same groups in Syria calling them freedom fighters. It doesn’t make sense at all if you take the U.S. government’s propaganda at face value. As much as it is humanitarian it is very political to end this nonsense. These Zionist and their half-brother USA is just egging for another war… all the tell tale signs are there.

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