Your Call May Be Monitored or Recorded


…for quality purposes.

Yeah, right!

Every time I get this message every time I call some corporation, I get antsy. I have butterflies in my stomach.

Don’t you?

I mean, why are you going to monitor or record my call for no reason? Quality purposes? Whose quality? Yours, or mine?

If you want to play a fair game, why not let me record or monitor your calls too? I don’t have the money or means to do it, and you do. So, it’s not a fair game.

Plus, by using that message, which is really condescending, intimidating, unnerving, you’re constantly keeping me on the edge. As if, I am always a minnow at the receiving end, and you are my master: controller of my fate.

The moment I make a mistake…a small slip of tongue…you’re able to make my life miserable.

And you can. With the all-pervasive, now exposed NSA scam across the U.S., courtesy Verizon and AT&T and Google and Facebook and i-Phone and God knows what else, you ARE spying on my private life 24/7.

And you call this a free country?

Yeah, right!


So, yesterday, I snapped.

Some bank or financial institution called me, and without introducing them first, which is a required courtesy, warned me that the call might be monitored or recorded.

Then, she did not even try to pronounce my name. Instead, she spelled it out: “Am I talking to P-A-R-T-H-A B-A-N-E-R-J-E-E?”

I mean, what a condescending, patronizing way to talk to somebody! And guess what, she was actually going to ask for a favor.

The favor was that, somebody gave them my name as a reference for some loan or something, and this company — bank or something — was verifying it. But is that the best possible way you can talk to someone who’s actually doing you a favor by helping you to negotiate that loan that your bank is going to make profit on?

Like, do you really understand that by agreeing to be a reference, I am not only helping the loan seeker, but also you as the loan giver? Because, guess what, at the end of the day, you the bank will make much more profit than the loan seeker. Right?

And neither did the bank woman on the phone try to pronounce my name (as if I was some God-forsaken, alien name she would hate to try to pronounce), but she would not try to pronounce the loan seeker’s name either.

Great business protocol by these great American corporations, I must say!

I said to her, I was NOT interested to talk. And I said to her, I was sick and tired of this your call might be monitored or recorded business.

And then, I hung up. Yes, I did, with pleasure.

[I’m sure, you’re going to monitor or record me. I suspect, NSA is doing it already. In this land of privacy BS!]

Sharing With You, Hoping You Think About Such 24/7 Corporate Arrogance,


Brooklyn, New York



4 thoughts on “Your Call May Be Monitored or Recorded

  1. I know! Disgusting right? A few nights ago my husband put on some documentaries from hulu on tv and wanted me to watch them. They were about the Koch brothers who control 95 per cent of America, such as the congress, major top universities, business corporations, think tanks, etc. It’s quite depressing. They have a huge negative control over the media and they were the ones who started the propaganda of Obama being a socialist, communist etc making it look like it was the average American public’s voice. I don’t think I can read news anymore either. Not sure what is sponsored and what is real.

    1. Thank you for your words of support. And they call it a democracy, and want to take over the world and its resources in the name of this crap. FDR, Lincoln, Jefferson and such others would cringe, cry and censor had they lived today. They would also form their own media. Corporate America and Koch Brothers have every elements of fascism. Arrogance is one such element.

  2. I am lucky in one way, because of my sickness, I can only whisper! Guess what, they can’t hear me! I get tickled when they say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you, can you please speak up?” And I say, “Unfortunately, I am not able to speak any louder.” It drives them crazy!

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