Beautiful American Winter

Beautiful American Winter

Beautiful. Peaceful. Slow. Snoozing. Slumber.


I’ve grown to like it.

Slowly, but surely.

Our beautiful Prospect Park here in Brooklyn has taken a new, lovely look.

The lake froze. Sporadic cracks in the snow made room for the ducks to descend, water fowls to swim, and…the swans to settle, slumber and snooze.Snow in Prospect Park NatGeo4

Little children, bundled up in layered winter coats, scarves, hats and gloves are playing around with their parents. They wouldn’t want to go home.

The ducks and the water fowls and the swans still want to come close to them, just like what they did all summer long.

But they are tired. They need to rest.

We need to give them the time and space to rest.

The American winter is beautiful.

I’m enjoying it.


Brooklyn, New York


Snow in Prospect Park NatGeo3

8 thoughts on “Beautiful American Winter

  1. Nice!enjoy hibernation time!love snow and cold as did schooling in shimla! merry x’mas and hope we can meet in 2014 in India or mebbe come to the usa need to catch up wth close family and friends! Best wishes anita.

  2. I had never seen snow till I migrated to the U.S. in 2005 and was exposed to the north American winters of upstate NY and Massachusetts. I love the snow, but the ice on the roads and pavement sucks. What do you think of the Devyani story? It has become such a big deal now.

    1. Thanks for your comments. The story is biased in favor of the rich and privileged. Poor immigrants are arrested and handcuffed all the time, and nobody complains. Now because a consulate officer higher up got handcuffed, India media is blowing up in smoke. Plus, she was involved in an illegal activity.

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