About My Mother (and Women in India)

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Page 1 and 2
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Page 3 and 4.

This is very special. This is very personal.

Recently, a Calcutta-based women’s health and science affairs magazine (see details below) published my Bengali-language article on women’s socioeconomic situation in India. I used my real-life experience to reminisce how my mother fell victim of an absolutely suffocating and oppressive patriarchal system, and died at an early age. I post photos of the pages.

I challenge readers to find out if and how much the situation for women has changed in the Indian subcontinent.

I hope to post at least a summary translation shortly.

Page 5 of 5.
Page 5 of 5.

I wrote this article (a) to remember how my mother died, and (b) to observe the first death anniversary of Sandipta Chatterjee, a young and vibrant TV anchor who around this time last year also became a victim of the pathetic patriarchy as well as rampant medical malpractice in India.

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Sadly Reflecting,


Brooklyn, New York


(Magazine details: Amar Mayer Katha. By Partha Banerjee. Swasther Britte. Calcutta. November 2013, Pp. 36-40).

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