Beat ‘er ‘n Teach ‘er: the Poor Got Richer!

Continued from my previous post:
Of Graphs and Graphs and New Global Maps.


New IMF Terror in India Can Kill My Family.

Greetings. I’m posting a few more important charts and graphs here. We shall have a good discussion.

So we say, Beat ‘er ‘n Teach ‘er: the Poor Got Richer!

We have three graphs below.

Graph 1. “The Poor Got Richer.”

Over the past couple of centuries, worldwide (on average), the poor came out of extreme poverty. At the same time, the rich-poor divide has widened drastically. Now, question is, is that a good thing (that the poor is not that poor anymore), or is it a bad thing (that the economic divide escalated)?

We shall come back and address the issue later. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you.

Here is the graph. Of course, this particular graph is a U.S. scenario. But you can extrapolate and replicate it, with varying degrees, for the entire world.

“The Poor Got Richer.”

Graph 2. “Global Misery Declined.”

This graph below tells us a similar story: on a global average, extreme poverty and misery such as child mortality, no-access to clean water, terrible malnourishment, total illiteracy, miserable wages — have all declined over the years especially in the new globalization era. Again, the facts are facts. Question I have for you is, do you think that is a good thing for the five billion poor people all across the world, or you think it doesn’t matter because [your reasons here].

“Global Misery Declined.”

Graph 3. The Champagne-Glass Model of World Economy.

Now, those who didn’t particularly care about the two graphs above might find some reasons to cheer looking at this description of the world’s state of affairs. Again, I leave it up to you to analyze and decide. What do you think? Can you connect Graph 3 with 1 and 2, or they are not directly correlated, or in your opinion, they do not tell the whole story about you and me and us and them?

Let’s have a good discussion. I hope we do.

“The Champagne Glass” of World Economy, Now.

I SINCERELY look forward to your comments, feedback, questions, analyses and yes, criticism too. Criticism is good. Challenge is better. Questioning is the best. Dissent is awesome. (You know what I’m talking about.)

It’s important that we do it. It’s important for me.

Isn’t it important for you?

Sincerely Writing,


Brooklyn, New York


Look Ma, We Have Dish!

4 thoughts on “Beat ‘er ‘n Teach ‘er: the Poor Got Richer!

  1. Of course it is good that things have gotten better in all the above that you have written about, but it also shows that no matter how one looks at it, the poor are still just living on the scraps of the rich!

    1. Yes, Neva. That is exactly how it is. Prosperity does not have any meaning unless it also creates equality. In recent years, worldwide except for a few places only, inequality has gotten out of control. USA and India are two biggest examples of that. Look at the third picture also on my blog. Thank you.

  2. If the poorer has become less poorer over time, that looks like a good thing to have happened even if that happened by fluke and nothing to do with the poor doing something great. If I envy people richer than me and still somewhere below the top, I think that those who are richer than me now do not deserve to be so and I should not remain among the poor. So if rich-poor divide has increased and I am not so rich this is bad simply because I am not among the ruichest. If I am not envious, it does not matter to me what great distant does the richest and richer are away from me. If misery and the like has fallen. I have nothing to complain. But again as an envious person I am angry that I belong to the poor. I do not as yet know how the champene glass looked like two centuries back ( it is something fishy that this is not available). But if I am some where in the thin long stand, I am envious of the people in the top of the glass. I do not like this. So, I would urge all those in the below 75% to join me and tell the top 25 % that eioither they share 50aaa5 of their incomes with us, we shall kill them. If I happen not to be envious of other’s income, I am not concerned by this information. If I belonged to a rich nation but a poor citizen, I hate poor persons becoming rich at my expense- globalisation has weakened by bargaining strength to get better wagesc as globalisation has taken my jobs away to poor countries. I am in distress. People like me should join me and we should together stop this globalisation: I am not concerned about how the poor in poor countries live in a less globalised World. I can only thank the teacher of the class for showing these slides and asking simple questions. He really treats me as if I am in the KG class.

    1. Not sure if this teacher treats you like a kindergarten student. This blog and information would perhaps be for people like me: with small amount of knowledge but yearning for more. Of course, highly learned persons like you are welcome too. Thank you for your patience.

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