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In OneFinalBlog, I primarily talk about feelings. I talk about feelings I analyze and express.

I find the experience fun. In fact, it’s more than fun: it’s ecstasy (in a spiritual way). I invite you to be a part of this inner ecstasy.

I also talk about society, people and politics. I emphasize on us — men, women and families — and our struggle for a simple life with rights, justice and dignity. Together with friends, I talk about media, money and manipulation too. Then we talk about how to deal with these powers individually, collectively, and yes, nonviolently.

Join in the conversation: I guarantee it’s always simple and fun and free, and never boring. Let me know what you want to include in this conversation.

I promise to listen to you.

Sincerely Writing,


Brooklyn, New York


2 thoughts on “OneFinalBlog

    1. Yes, Shila. It can crush one’s self-esteem. You’ll see what it can do to people — physically and mentally. Read the two other stories I’m going to post soon. Then, I’ll tell stories you wouldn’t even believe could be true; yet they’re happening in this so-called Land of Freedom.

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