13 in 14: India’s Very Serious Problems


Media and pundits are not talking about these very serious issues. So, I am.
Because people simply don’t have the time or energy to go through long texts, I’m posting some pictures here. I hope some of us look at them carefully, and put pressure on the Indian and international media and establishments to discuss these issues.

These are only some of the issues. I hope to add more in the coming weeks, before the April national elections.

Without discussing these issues, however, this so-called biggest democracy with its 1.2 billion people, and the so-called open and multi-party voting system is truly a farce.

You decide how important these problems are. You decide where India stands after over sixty-five years of its so-called independence, relative to other countries. You decide which powers are responsible for this situation.

You decide how to bring these issues to limelight, and how to address these issues.

To me, they are extremely, crucially urgent.

Thank you. Comments and feedback much welcome.



Brooklyn, New York

P.S. — BTW, there is no reason for anti-India elements to rejoice. I’d advise them to find very similar problems in their own countries.



Problem 1. Overpopulation and Migration of the Poor to Cities


Problem 2. Poverty, Hunger and Disease (and child labor)


Problem 3. Rich-poor Disparity


Problem 4. Violence on Women and of Human Rights, and Police Inaction


Problem 5. Illiteracy and Lack of Schooling 









Problem 6. Environmental Pollution

India corruption

Problem 7. Corruption and Nepotism












Problem 8. Communal Tension and Fragmentation of Society


Problem 9. Invasion of Multinational Corporations, IMF and WTO


Problem 10. Land Grabbing and Real Estate Mafia


Problem 11. Historic Amount of Black Money


Problem 12. Separatist and Terrorist Violence


Problem 13. Sky-high Prices and Inflation


[More to follow]